The Fundamentals of Call to Action: Key Findings and Suggestions

Throughout the years marketers have been continuously performing A/B split testing on various marketing initiatives, while the essential call to action (CTA) component has been one of the most tested among them.

A CTA button is presented at the exact moment a prospect decides whether or not to take action to further engage with a company. Whether the next step is to read content asset, register for a webinar or be redirected to a landing page, a CTA is the link that pushes prospects forward through the various stages of the buying cycle.

In order for a CTA to be effective, marketers have to employ two key components: first, they have to ensure that the CTA button holds specific phrases that will resonate with prospects, and second, they have to ensure that the button is visually appealing in order for a prospect to actually want to click on it. In terms of visual appeal, the button has to be big enough and attractive enough to immediately capture a prospect’s attention as well as be located in a strategic point within the text. In terms of phrasing, a CTA button has to include a concise, short sentence to let prospects understand what it is they have to do in order to proceed.

The following is a list of effective CTA phrases that are often used by marketers:

- Call Now
- Download
- Learn More
- Read More
- Click to Register
- Receive 10% Off

Choosing the Right Phrase by Tracking Prospect Behavior

A Marketing Automation platform (MAP) allows marketers to trace the digital footprints of prospects to determine which paths they have taken in order arrive at their current place. By determining which nurturing programs prospects responded to most, we can present the kind of information that would demonstrate more value directly where it is needed. Once this is done, we can employ another effective CTA for further action.

Two scenarios:

1. A prospect that is at the early stages of the buying cycle looking to gain fundamental knowledge often responds well to an email with a direct link to a downloadable asset.

2. A prospect that is in the last stages of the buying cycle that may have filled out a form and wishes to be contacted will often respond to a CTA phrase with a sense of urgency “Connect with an Agent Now.”

A CTA is that link in the continuous chain of the sales cycle that furthers prospects down the funnel. As marketers, we have to ensure that our CTAs are effective enough to allow prospects to take immediate action in order to progress through the sales cycle at a quicker pace.

How do your CTAs measure up against your conversion rate goals?

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