Effective Planning Strategies [Part 1]


Developing campaign strategies

A good place to start is by identifying the types of campaigns that will have an impact on your business goals. There are various marketing channels that are used by marketers to reach out to perfect consumers. Either by incorporating more traditional media from direct mail to telemarketing, or social media to webinars – by determining your specific campaign objectives you will be able to monitor and evaluate campaign performance and have a better idea of which campaigns yield the most results.

Planning Internet Marketing Campaigns

Search engine marketing, email marketing and social media are the most prominent ways of defining an online brand by monitoring and controlling the sum of all conversations taking place around it. Best-in-Class performers that want to achieve a response from their audiences plan internet marketing campaigns that are used to pull in traffic from online channels like websites and landing pages.  Prior to social media and internet marketing, consumers were calling the shots about the products and brands they wanted to see more of. However, since sales pipeline control is now in the hands of marketers, planning the right marketing campaigns can influence the decisions consumers make when marketers work to build trusted online connections.

Planning Campaign Execution

When we have readily available data on campaign metrics and stats, we gain insight into impressions, response rates and conversions. By identifying the steps prospects take to become customers from the beginning to the end of the sales cycle, with time, we are able to project sales, revenue growth and ROI. Planning a campaign execution means benchmarking campaigns against each other in an effort to consistently and systematically increase revenue goals and revenue generation. Executing a campaign is more than just deciding on which marketing avenue to proceed with, it is about learning from past activities and tweaking efforts to continuously strive for better results.

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