The Importance of Mobile Email Marketing to Effective Campaign Execution


It’s no surprise that mobile email marketing has swooped B2B communications and will continue to do so in the future. With the introduction of the Smartphone, digital marketers have been dedicating their time to mobile marketing by boosting awareness and creating new brand strategies. The fact of the matter is that prospects are reaching for their mobile phones to read emails, and sophisticated marketers are taking this into serious consideration when devising their campaigns.

Here are Three Mobile Email Marketing Essentials

1. Frequency of Engagement

Timely engagement is a key factor in ensuring that our email messages will be opened. Mobile email marketing that is incorporated into a marketing strategy has for itself an end goal of selling a specific product or brand, and the way to ensure that a relationship will grow to this point is by respecting the prospect without overwhelming them with too much email. By tracking open rates on mobile devices, you will find what frequency of contact works best for your readers and stay within those parameters in order to avoid having your emails be sent to the dreaded spam box.

2. Subject Lines

To help the reader recognize that the email is from a trusted source, marketers often use a consistent name in the ‘From’ subject line. Furthermore, an effective subject line should be infused with emotion so that the reader will be moved to take action. Most often the emotion of curiosity works best because curiosity gives people the opportunity to want to learn more, and when we create emails in the hope that they will be opened, we have to incorporate an emotional reaction to get results. Email marketing is a highly personalized form of engagement, and together with on-the-go mobile phone users, the subject line is considered prime real estate – it is here that a reader will make a decision of whether or not to open the email.

3. Formatting & Design

For mobile emails, a good rule of thumb to remember is to stay between 500-600px to ensure that an email can be viewable on any mobile device. In order to ensure that readers actually see what they want, the design of an email has to work to elicit the action we want our audience to take. A Call to Action (CTA) has to be prominently displayed to get the right response.

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