Three Advantages to Video Marketing

3 Advantages of Video Marketing

Considering the soaring popularity of video sharing platforms like Vine, Viddy and Keek, and the indisputable dominance of YouTube, most marketers can agree that videos are the new frontier for content marketing. More and more businesses are turning towards video as the next domain for engaging consumers and pushing out relevant, engaging and well-received information.

Video content can be used to effectively find, educate and establish a brand in the mind of the consumer. When used properly, B2B marketers can benefit from including video in their content marketing strategy and can experience lasting results.

We’ve highlighted below, three benefits your business will notice in adopting video as a marketing medium:

1) Reach and Syndication: Simple and effective syndication is an invaluable benefit to video marketing. No matter the publishing platform, a video can be repeatedly shared and embedded across the web with the click of a few buttons. The extended reach provided by this ease-of-syndication, can rapidly multiply the number of consumers aware of your business.

2) Engagement and Education: Video content tends to be more memorable than text. For this reason, videos provide businesses the opportunity to engage consumers through the provision of entertaining and valuable content. A video will add value to a user’s visit to your webpage, increase the amount of time they spend viewing your offerings, and provide them with a memorable take-away from their visit.

3) Brand Establishment: Unlike quoted text, a video will be reproduced in full and therefore assures an intended brand message can be shared without alteration. Brand personality will also be more easily established as video provides visual cues neglected through other mediums.

In using video as a content strategy, it is important to keep the messaging simple, entertaining and engaging. Video content that is quick, easily-digestible, and memorable, will be highly effective at increasing brand reach, engaging consumers, and establishing brand identity.

As marketers, have you noticed any benefits from integrating video content into your marketing strategy?

*Guest post by Kylie McCabe – Couch & Associates’ Social Media & Marketing Intern

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  1. The tips you talk about are all true but it is also important to add engagement within the video itself. This is especially true on tablets which make up a large percentage of video views. Thats why we at added the ability to insert clickable apps and calls to action within your video. This allows viewers to stay involved and to take a marketing action while they are still immersed in the video

  2. Samuel says:

    These are good tips to share about video marketing. In addition to these tips, I would like to say that Video production companies bring quality and experience to the table.This helps to create high quality content and the message in the video is clearly stated and passed to the audience.

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