The Emergence of Growth Hackers

Finding someone that has the creative brilliance of a marketer and the technical background of a coder is no easy feat. It’s so hard, in fact, that it has become its own position in both start-up and developed companies, and they’re searching high and wide for their next “growth hacker”.

The purpose of a growth hacker is to push companies towards expanding their sales, reach, awareness, and leads by creative yet data-driven strategies. Their focus on metrics is what separates them from your typical marketer, and it’s what makes them so desirable. They are neither a coder nor a marketer – they are a combination of both, and they think outside the box in order to find long-term marketing solutions.

Growth hackers are expected to be well-versed many marketing tactics, including:

- Viral Acquisition
- Paid Acquisition
- Content Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization

To learn more about what it takes to be a Growth Hacker, take a look at this introductory article. Marketers and coders could be one step away from being the key to their company’s next great achievement.

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