CMOs to Look Up To: Social Executives

When it comes to marketing, it’s all about being social. It is becoming increasingly important to not only have an understanding of the social media channels, but a strategy for how to use them. With the right tactics, social media can be pivotal to gaining more followers, promoting your products, and climbing the thought leadership ranks. A couple of weeks ago Couch & Associates, Inc. introduced the discovery of an interesting correlation: the social capabilities of a Fortune 500 company are in line with their Chief Marketing Officer’s. But whereas the last time was about the discussion of weak social media presence, this week focuses on two success stories.

General Electric’s Beth Comstock and Abbott Laboratories’ Paul Magill have been active over multiple social media channels, and have implemented strategies that put them ahead of other Fortune 500 marketing executives. Likewise, their companies have become successful over the same platforms, and have a steady increase in followers.

Read the full story of why these two CMOs are the ones to watch.

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