The New Style of Leadership

Being a great leader is about more than pushing new ideas forward, or about taking control of a team. A great leader also strives to be a motivator and mentor for their team. Leadership has steadily evolved as the incoming generation has entered the work force, and it is no longer just about being a commander-in-chief.

The new style of leadership focuses more on modern company culture, conversation, and engagement. By chipping away at the previous leadership models, companies are able to create environments that boast a much more dynamic atmosphere, and that is full of staff that are collaborating their ideas in order to move the company forward.

Here are a few things that companies can focus on in order to bring their leadership skills to the next level:

Having a Leadership Culture instead of Having a Leader

Listening instead of Commanding

Investing in People instead of Investing in Tools

Engaging instead of Messaging

Accepting Responsibility instead of Assigning Blame

Showing instead of Telling

To learn more about each of these steps, and how leaders can best transition through them, read our full article here.

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