Why You Need to Get Creative in Your Customer Research

We want to give customers what they want, and what they need. Every company would agree finding the product or service that your target market has been waiting for should be a top goal. But how do we know what that product is? Or maybe we have a product that a customer just doesn’t know they need yet, so how do we let them know? The key isn’t the blast them with advertisements, no, it’s much more foundational than that: you need to learn more about your customer, and how they should be approached.

When companies used to want to know how their customers found their experience they would fall back on the same old strategies of communication. Surveys! Customers would sit and fill out general questionnaires that would try and pieces together what this company was doing to meet the needs of their customers. However, this time has passed. The internet has made this kind of research irrelevant, because there are so many more creative, indirect and informative ways to learn about your customers.

Some of the trends include following social activity, using a number of different channels to start conversations, or taking on social or environmental causes that bring in an added element of discussion. The possibilities are endless, and it’s important to not completely forget about tradition research – it still has a very solid place in gaining customer insights.

To read more about how your company can think outside of the box, read our full article here.

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