Exploring The Marketing Technology Landscape – Part One

Part One: Marketing Experiences and Customer Experience Management

Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic is a revealing, albeit overwhelming look at the martec industry of today. Brinker does simplify things a bit by organizing the nearly one thousand marketing technology companies into several subsections, structured within six broad categories; you will find it is his choice of where to draw the borders that is most revealing.

Brinker starts with the caveat that organizing 1000 companies into common groups is a difficult task and that is an important point. Many of these companies could fall into a variety of categories and there are multiple companies in each category, so these borders should be accepted as somewhat fluid. They do, however, present an easy entry point for understanding the landscape and thus should be explored.

The biggest and most varied category is “marketing experiences”; Brinker outlines marketing experience companies as any company that affects the prospects’ experience across their lifecycle. Basically, any company that affects how a user learns about, interacts with, or buys from a brand falls into this category. The size of this category says a lot about priorities in the martec industry and about marketing in general.

As individual users and mass-customization become the focus, personalizing user experiences across the board is a high priority. Attempting to provide “marketing experiences” hyper-focuses marketing efforts on individual users across all points of interaction, which can result in end-to-end personalization and a fully adaptable user experience.

Next year’s tool to watch out for: Customer Experience Management Platforms. A fully integrated CRM with a content management system, marketing automation system and social management system and a dashboard for creating and managing fully customized brand experiences for each user.

The ultimate personalization in marketing would be to control the entire marketing landscape and adapt it to each individual, guaranteeing a completely unique experience for every user. All the technology for creating such a platform already exists, all that’s missing is a way to integrate and automate each part. It would be no surprise to see new technology that actually manipulates the environment, automating all the marketing the user consumes. We predict something like Minority Report.

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