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The Changing Role of Marketing Technology in 2014

Foundational systems emerge encouraging a focus on people and data.

The past eighteen months have seen a considerable investment in the marketing technology space. From large software acquisitions to public offerings, many are attempting to grab a piece of this fast growing industry with considerable market space still up for grabs. Continue reading →

Understanding Demand Generation

Understaindg Demand Generation

Demand generation is defined as the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services.  The key ingredients of demand generation come from building and enduring relationships through continuing communications across multiple channels.  According to Jacob Grobbelaar owner of BroadVisions Marketing, demand generation is the practice of creating demand for an organization’s products or services through marketing. The direct outcome he argues, is your audience is more likely to purchase your products or services.  Eloqua defines demand generation as the art and science of creating, nurturing, and managing buying interest in your products and services through campaign management, lead management, marketing analysis, and data management.

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Boost your Demand Generation Efforts


The lifeline of your business is dependent on your ability to acquire new customers. Demand generation is the marketing and sales process when coupled with the right technology and expertise can yield significant results. For example, businesses can make valuable connections to generate revenue and impact ROI with email marketing campaigns, relevant drip marketing campaigns, engagement using social channels, optimized landing pages, site analytics, digital body language tracking, and more. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 87% of companies who used best practices in demand generation improved annual growth in customer acquisition revenue while average performance increase was 23%.

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What C&A Marketing Automation Rollout Did for a Global Tech Firm [Case Study]


We want to revisit the fundamental concept of moving from manual marketing to marketing automation – a process that’s put client Nexsan on a new level of performance with new lead generation and lead management solutions using the right tools and best practices. Before we get to review their efforts, let’s first revisit the need to understand why manual marketing and marketing automation are like day and night in terms of their capabilities for marketing and sales.

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The Need for a Marketing Operations Champion

If you’re advancing in your marketing and sales process (transitioning from old methodologies and manual efforts and moving into the realm of marketing automation), your marketing and sales processes are going to need major reconstruction in an effort to improve process and workflow.

Why this is so is because when companies transform their business processes from manual efforts to the adoption of automated technologies, the entire landscape of workflow is reshaped both internally and externally. Companies that understand a big part of employing the right technologies is also implementing best practices that goes beyond the simple adoption of enabling technologies; they also implement best practices in order to allow marketing to thrive on a whole new plane of action and process.

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