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The New Style of Leadership

Being a great leader is about more than pushing new ideas forward, or about taking control of a team. A great leader also strives to be a motivator and mentor for their team. Leadership has steadily evolved as the incoming generation has entered the work force, and it is no longer just about being a commander-in-chief.

The new style of leadership focuses more on modern company culture, conversation, and engagement. By chipping away at the previous leadership models, companies are able to create environments that boast a much more dynamic atmosphere, and that is full of staff that are collaborating their ideas in order to move the company forward.

Here are a few things that companies can focus on in order to bring their leadership skills to the next level:

Having a Leadership Culture instead of Having a Leader

Listening instead of Commanding

Investing in People instead of Investing in Tools

Engaging instead of Messaging

Accepting Responsibility instead of Assigning Blame

Showing instead of Telling

To learn more about each of these steps, and how leaders can best transition through them, read our full article here.

The Emergence of Growth Hackers

Finding someone that has the creative brilliance of a marketer and the technical background of a coder is no easy feat. It’s so hard, in fact, that it has become its own position in both start-up and developed companies, and they’re searching high and wide for their next “growth hacker”.

The purpose of a growth hacker is to push companies towards expanding their sales, reach, awareness, and leads by creative yet data-driven strategies. Their focus on metrics is what separates them from your typical marketer, and it’s what makes them so desirable. They are neither a coder nor a marketer – they are a combination of both, and they think outside the box in order to find long-term marketing solutions.

Growth hackers are expected to be well-versed many marketing tactics, including:

- Viral Acquisition
- Paid Acquisition
- Content Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization

To learn more about what it takes to be a Growth Hacker, take a look at this introductory article. Marketers and coders could be one step away from being the key to their company’s next great achievement.

5 Reasons to Attend the Online Marketing Summit San Diego – #omsummit

5 Reasons to Attend the Online Marketing Summit

The Online Marketing Summit (OMS) is only days away.  At Couch & Associates’ we are excited to be heading down to sunny San Diego to attend OMS – the digital marketing event of the year!  OMS is happening Monday, February 11th through Wednesday, February 13th at the San Diego Convention Centre.

OMS connects marketers with the knowledge, experts and technologies transforming digital marketing. The 2013 conference provides expert-led education and collaborative engagement on the latest insights, best practices and strategies in digital marketing. This approach is fused with the contextual relevance for how digital marketing influences and impacts marketing and business at-large, enabling practitioners to immediately create greater impact within their organization and with their audiences.

Besides it being sunny, we’ve outlined 5 reasons why you should attend OMS 2013:
1)    Learn first-hand in the form of workshops, conference tracks and keynote speakers about the most
important technologies transforming the digital marketing landscape.
2)    Demo all the latest software and technology in digital marketing at the expo hall.
3)    Network with industry thought leaders.
4)    Talk about real digital marketing business challenges.
5)    Connect with brands that cater to your digital needs.

Event details
When: Monday, February 11 to Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Where: San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Register for Online Marketing
Follow @OMSummit:
Event Hashtag: #omsummit

OMS 2013 is the digital marketing event of the year!  Don’t miss out. Join us at the San Diego Convention Centre next week.  Stop by booth #208 and say hi!  We’ll be onsite live tweeting too. Follow us on Twitter @CouchAssociates.

What are your top reasons why you are attending OMS?  Please leave your comments below.

Applying Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: A Marketer’s Checklist


Marketers should be prepared for compliancy with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). The intent of CASL is to deter damaging and deceptive forms of spam for occurring in Canada.

CASL covers any electronic message (unsolicited email, SMS, Instant Messaging, spyware, malware, phishing, pharming and social networks) that crosses Canadian wires – regardless of intent. According to Neil Schwartzman, Founder of, “National borders are not a sufficient firewall for the application of this law.” Any and all domains (not only “.ca” but “.com” as well) fall under this new law.  CASL will be enforced by three Canadian regulatory agencies: Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commissions (CRTC), Office of the Privacy Customer, and the Competition Bureau. Continue reading →

10 Tips for Writing an Effective Business Blog


What makes a good business blog?  What should you keep in mind when writing a business blog?  How do you defend your brand in the blogosphere and start your own blog?

After you’ve picked your blog topic and strategy, determine what you want to do next. Utilize your business blog to show prospects and customers that you understand their business needs.  Focus on industry issues or trends, newsworthy items and use concrete examples to build trust with your readers.  Your goal is to show that you (as a business) are knowledgeable about your topic.

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