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The Fundamentals of Call to Action: Key Findings and Suggestions

Throughout the years marketers have been continuously performing A/B split testing on various marketing initiatives, while the essential call to action (CTA) component has been one of the most tested among them.

A CTA button is presented at the exact moment a prospect decides whether or not to take action to further engage with a company. Whether the next step is to read content asset, register for a webinar or be redirected to a landing page, a CTA is the link that pushes prospects forward through the various stages of the buying cycle.

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The Importance of Focusing on the Right Marketing Metrics

The most sophisticated marketers focus on the metrics that matter most. Remember the good old 80/20 rule? Let’s spend some time discussing how to spend our marketing budgets wisely.

To start, the two most essential sources of data come from the sales funnel and marketing campaigns. The sales funnel is an important component because it allows us to improve performance by setting benchmarks and continuously testing our efforts. Sales funnel data continues to push the boundaries of successful campaign executions while at the same time eliminating campaigns that don’t work.  When we know what is happening within each step of the funnel (which leads are progressing and which aren’t showing any movement), we can better assess which nurturing campaigns will work to revive leads that need an extra push and nurture the ones that are moving towards the end of the sales cycle.

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The Key to Effective Marketing Campaigns: Data Hygiene and Segmentation

Data hygiene is a key factor in the marketing and sales process. The more precision we apply to profiling contacts and the more keen we are at keeping our database information-rich, the better we are able to extract data, segment leads and execute campaigns based on relevancy.  The process of communication with prospects and customers is dependent on the relevancy of the messages we send out. The more targeted we are at profiling our prospects the greater are the chances for engagement. It’s simple; when we use messages that pertain to a prospect’s level of interest, they are in turn more open to communicate with us.

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Establishing a Lead Management Process

In a recent survey conducted by DemandGen Report, 50 early marketing automation adopters were asked “What would be the first thing you would suggest to another organization upon rolling out a marketing automation system?” Over 75% said before anything else, they would “build a proper process to feed the automation system first.”

It’s very hard and next to impossible for marketers to achieve goals without having a set process in place. The kind of process we are talking about is one that feeds the CRM with sales ready leads as a result of marketing campaigns and activities. You may be thinking to yourself “lead generation is of primary importance to me.” Although lead generation is crucial (seeing as more and more leads fall out of the funnel with each transitional stage in the sales cycle), lead management remains an integral component that entails passing on sales ready leads to the CRM for the win.

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What Does Location-based Marketing Mean for Businesses?

In the past several years a new standard has developed in social media and smartphone usage. It has become entirely commonplace for us to share our daily activities and whereabouts on social media networks using GPS-aware phones. The ability to connect the dots between what we are doing and where we are doing it is the result of location-based apps like Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, Loopt, Gowalla and recently, Facebook.

Location-based apps allow users to “check-in” through a desktop or a mobile web browser using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS). GPS-aware phones locate a user’s position and determine which “venue” they may be at. If you’re a social media user, this allows the friends in your network to know exactly where you are at any given time.

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