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Revenue Performance Management, Simplified

If you’ve been acquainted with the concept of Revenue Performance Management (RPM), but still haven’t acquired a fundamental understanding of the concept, this post will help to put things into perspective for you. This post is loosely based on an analogy made here: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management.”

This Eloqua article brings forth a brilliant illustration on RPM and what it means for companies that are looking to advance their efforts in order to stimulate the revenue growth engine. As you know, marketing and sales is the bloodline of your business; without customers we can’t sustain ourselves. In Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Revenue Performance Management, RPM is likened to The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy and Toto are swept away to another world and follow the yellow brick road to get back home. The substitute for RPM is the yellow brick road. It is the ever-evolving journey to perfect our business process to realize revenue growth.

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The Revenue Performance Management Roadmap

At the first annual DemandCon event held just a few short weeks ago in SF, the C&A team proudly brings back new developments and insights into the category of Revenue Performance Management (RPM).

Click here to get in-depth access into Erin Rampey’s findings: A key note speaker at DemandCon and the Marketing Automation Manager at NetApp who attributes the success of the $4 billion enterprise to key RPM disciplines.

The C&A definition of RPM:

“A set of disciplines that strengthen the sales and marketing process and allow companies to utilize real, tangible measurement and analysis gained from sales pipeline data extraction to make better decisions and more accurate quarterly projects in revenue growth.”

Erin spoke about the 5 pillars of revenue performance management that today account for the current state of RPM after a 10 year evolution in marketing automation via Eloqua.

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The Cost of Bad Data

Our very own Mike MacFarlane, Senior Marketing Consultant of Couch & Associates had the pleasure of speaking at Eloqua’s “It’s All About Revenue” Success Tour in Toronto yesterday on the topic of data.  While data might not be the “coolest” topic to talk about, it is something that is near and dear to many marketers’ hearts.  Having bad data to work with makes our life harder as a marketer; everything from reporting, segmentation, lead scoring and lead nurturing.

For those of you that were not able to attend, here are the three key takeaways from his presentation:

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The Importance of Typography in Design

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type – the selection of typefaces, point size, and spacing. When designing a website, landing page, eNewsletter, eBook, print piece, etc., there’s more to just image, color selections, and layout. The use of typography is greatly important, because it can change the complete look and feel of a design, and improve usability and/or legibility.

Typography Basic Tips


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The Importance of an Email Preference Center

Last week, I offered two tips on how to increase your email subscribers. Now that you have a long list of email subscribers, your marketing team is eager to send newsletters, latest promotions, blog postings, and educational resources to these contacts. Yes, they’ve showed interest in your brand and offerings by subscribing to your email list; however, it doesn’t necessary mean they want to receive every piece of communication you have available.

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