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How Improving Data Quality Can Lead to Efficient Marketing

In our past experiences, we’ve seen dramatic increases in customer insight, lead scoring potential and conversion rates with properly executed data segmentation.  Since the cleanliness and status of your database directly impacts the effectiveness of your technology’s performance, making sure that you have clean and properly segmented data should be a number one priority. You need to execute a strategy that improves your database’s effectiveness through improved customer data and insight. This strategy will help cleanse your database so that you can give your marketing team more insight and therefore more control over the success of campaigns and initiatives. Continue reading →

Tips to Help Grow Your Client’s Business

The best business relationships are the ones that stay strong and happy even when you take a break from the campaigns and projects. In order to ensure this kind of a relationship, you need to always be focusing on how you can best meet your client’s current needs, and predict their future goals. Continue reading →

Why You Need to Get Creative in Your Customer Research

We want to give customers what they want, and what they need. Every company would agree finding the product or service that your target market has been waiting for should be a top goal. But how do we know what that product is? Or maybe we have a product that a customer just doesn’t know they need yet, so how do we let them know? The key isn’t the blast them with advertisements, no, it’s much more foundational than that: you need to learn more about your customer, and how they should be approached. Continue reading →

Is Marketing the Needed Background For New CEOs?

Chief Marketing Officer is no longer the highest position available for marketing professionals. With the changes in marketing portfolios, and the increased experience with analytical reasoning and digital strategies, they’re quickly becoming the coveted executives to take on the role of Chief Executive Officer. Although it used to be common to bring in managers that had worked in operations and finance, the marketing officers can now bring ideas that can allow for a more customer-focused vision.

Continue reading →

CIOs Are The New Innovators

The Chief Information Officer has often been placed in the shadows, keeping the company running from an operational standpoint, but this is changing. What role does your CIO play in your company’s future? Are they behind-the-scenes? Or are they innovative in bringing in new technology? Chief Information Officers are finding themselves at the intersection between technology and business strategy, and it means that their role is expanding past maintenance and infrastructure. Today’s CIOs are all going to be able to innovate and think strategically. Continue reading →