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The Marketing Myths You Need To Get Out Of Your Head

What comes to mind when you think about marketing? There are so many different things that are all a part of the marketing industry, so it’s fair that people sometimes get confused about what a marketing team really does. A marketing team needs to combine imagination, data, and strategy in order to meet the company-wide goal of increasing sales.

Here are a few of the most common misconceptions that people have about the marketing world, and some things you can respond with if you ever hear them. In order for marketing to be done well, people need to make sure they get these myths out of their head!

Myth 1: Marketing and Advertising Are the Same Thing

Advertising is merely a part of marketing – it is paid publicity that helps a company get people interested in their company, products or services. However, you can’t have smart advertising without market research, strategy, campaign building, or many of the other important steps that a marketing team follows.

Myth 2: Any Marketing is Better Than Nothing

Marketing is expensive, so if you’re going to do it badly, you shouldn’t do it at all. Giving bad impressions can leave marks that take a lot of work to clean up – it’s always better to have a strategy that has your company’s objectives and brand in mind.

Myth 3: The World is Your Audience

It’s impossible to aim for every single person, and if you try you’ll find yourself stretched too thin and losing resources. The more specific you get, the more you’re able to develop a niche market, and that’s where you’ll find success.

Myth 4: Social Media is More Important Than Search Engines

Search engines are still the most important way that people find information on the internet. Although social media is great for customer opinions, and catching up with the newest trends, search engines are responsible for lead generation.

Myth 5: Continuous Communication is Key

Sometimes silence is golden! You don’t always need to be talking over social media, sending emails, or blasting out ad campaigns. Let your customers process – we promise they’re not going to forget about you if you’re not talking to them 24/7.

To get a more comprehensive look at each of these myths, be sure to read our article here.

The Emergence of Growth Hackers

Finding someone that has the creative brilliance of a marketer and the technical background of a coder is no easy feat. It’s so hard, in fact, that it has become its own position in both start-up and developed companies, and they’re searching high and wide for their next “growth hacker”.

The purpose of a growth hacker is to push companies towards expanding their sales, reach, awareness, and leads by creative yet data-driven strategies. Their focus on metrics is what separates them from your typical marketer, and it’s what makes them so desirable. They are neither a coder nor a marketer – they are a combination of both, and they think outside the box in order to find long-term marketing solutions.

Growth hackers are expected to be well-versed many marketing tactics, including:

- Viral Acquisition
- Paid Acquisition
- Content Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization

To learn more about what it takes to be a Growth Hacker, take a look at this introductory article. Marketers and coders could be one step away from being the key to their company’s next great achievement.

One Click Is All It Takes


Can your website close the sale?  How are you convincing visitors to take the next step or complete a specified action?  All it takes is just one click.

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Official Blog Launch: Design Trending by C&A


Couch & Associates is proud to present the official launch of Design Trending, a blog from our in-house team of creative experts, dedicated to design as it applies to the fields of art, web design, advertising and marketing.

Design Trending will feature the latest news, topics and innovations in the field of design as they pertain to the most up-to-date concepts in branding and advertising. Visitors will have access to various tutorials and resources applying the latest and most forward-thinking trends and innovations as produced by C&A’s creative team led by Creative Director, Daniel Hight, at C&A’s Toronto headquarters.

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Rebranding: 3 Tips on Where to Start


1. Website

 Your website is the most important tool for getting audiences immediately connected with your company. Consumers who have heard of your company name, or have conducted a keyword search end up on your website (once it is effectively marketed). A website should be the face of your company. It includes key informational pieces to answer pressing consumer questions. All information on a website, from web pages, to white papers, webinars and others are featured to ensure once prospects get there, they don’t want to leave. When rebranding your website, images and content must be aligned to a company’s unique selling proposition (USP).

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