Couch & Associates Heads to Data Driven Business Week 2012


Couch & Associates is a proud silver sponsor of this year’s DemandCon, part of Data Driven Business week taking place March 5-7 in San Francisco, California. DemandCon is a conference dedicated to exploring, educating and sharing all things related to demand generation, sales enablement and efficiency, while bringing together thought leaders and practitioners to provide a mix of how-to’s, trend information, interactive panels and hands-on sessions.

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Four Benefits of System Deployment


1. Transforms Your Entire Business

It is important to understand that a systems deployment will change the entire face of your organization. All your business processes, all your data standards, and key performance indicators are going to take new effect – this is exactly what you want to accomplish. With the right system deployment you can leverage the power of new standards in every nook and cranny of your organizational process.

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ValentineMe.Com by C&A


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Couch & Associates recently created a fun site for this year’s Valentine that gives you the ‘inside scoop’ on how your friends and co-workers feel about you romantically – Simply create a Valentine request and send it to all your potential Valentines, and they will then personalize a message back in response. Our ‘Love Engine’ will decode, and prioritize the replies and tell you who is your ‘best bet’ for Valentine this year.

Now have a little fun and find out who may be your special Valentine today.

The Importance of Enabling Sales


Sales enablement is the process of helping sales sell more by providing the team with information like consumer demographics and insights into buying motivation along with various other KPIs that provide data on consumer behavior. When sales has this data, they can better build trusting relationships and maintain top-of-mind awareness with consumers, and sell more effectively after appropriate nurturing programs have been applied before leads reach the sales-ready stage.

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What C&A Marketing Automation Rollout Did for a Global Tech Firm [Case Study]


We want to revisit the fundamental concept of moving from manual marketing to marketing automation – a process that’s put client Nexsan on a new level of performance with new lead generation and lead management solutions using the right tools and best practices. Before we get to review their efforts, let’s first revisit the need to understand why manual marketing and marketing automation are like day and night in terms of their capabilities for marketing and sales.

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