Exploring The Marketing Technology Landscape – Part One

Part One: Marketing Experiences and Customer Experience Management

Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic is a revealing, albeit overwhelming look at the martec industry of today. Brinker does simplify things a bit by organizing the nearly one thousand marketing technology companies into several subsections, structured within six broad categories; you will find it is his choice of where to draw the borders that is most revealing. Continue reading →

How Improving Data Quality Can Lead to Efficient Marketing

In our past experiences, we’ve seen dramatic increases in customer insight, lead scoring potential and conversion rates with properly executed data segmentation.  Since the cleanliness and status of your database directly impacts the effectiveness of your technology’s performance, making sure that you have clean and properly segmented data should be a number one priority. You need to execute a strategy that improves your database’s effectiveness through improved customer data and insight. This strategy will help cleanse your database so that you can give your marketing team more insight and therefore more control over the success of campaigns and initiatives. Continue reading →

Tips to Help Grow Your Client’s Business

The best business relationships are the ones that stay strong and happy even when you take a break from the campaigns and projects. In order to ensure this kind of a relationship, you need to always be focusing on how you can best meet your client’s current needs, and predict their future goals. Continue reading →

The Four Key Takeaways from Eloqua Experience #EE13

Just last week, San Francisco was flooded with some of the brightest and most creative marketers in North America. The annual Eloqua Experience conference, hosted by Oracle and Eloqua, was filled with like-minded individuals, notable speakers, and more swag than anyone could bring home in their suitcases. There was much to be learned from every person that walked through the doors, but we’ve narrowed it down to the four most important takeaways from this year’s presentations: Continue reading →

Why You Need to Get Creative in Your Customer Research

We want to give customers what they want, and what they need. Every company would agree finding the product or service that your target market has been waiting for should be a top goal. But how do we know what that product is? Or maybe we have a product that a customer just doesn’t know they need yet, so how do we let them know? The key isn’t the blast them with advertisements, no, it’s much more foundational than that: you need to learn more about your customer, and how they should be approached. Continue reading →