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Exploring the Marketing Technology Landscape – Part Four

Carrying on in our discussion of integration in marketing technology, let’s look again at Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” graphic. In exploring the subject headings used, the sizes of various categories and the companies in each category, we can tease out a few interesting correlations, but we also raise some interesting questions. Continue reading →

Five Important Key Performance Indicators for Chief Marketing Officers


Lead Scoring

One of the most essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketers is the generation of high-quality leads. High-quality leads are leads that are sales-ready as a result of passing through various lead nurturing campaigns in order to get to the sales-ready point. Lead scoring is used by marketers to designate the stage of a lead in the sales cycle. There are 5 categories within the sales cycle:

1. Inquiries
2. Marketing Qualified Leads
3. Sales Accepted Leads
4. Sales Qualified Leads, and;
5. Won Business.

Moving down these categories into the closing stages of the sales cycle means a lead is gaining a higher score and becomes more sales-ready.

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Strategic Planning and Deployment


A roadmap that leads to desired results is the primary source of competitive advantage. Driving organizational success with a strategic plan by acquiring essential data and methods ensures that an organization obtains higher standards in execution to get high quality end products.

Successfully implementing a strategic plan of action results in:

Moving from ideas to Guidelines. Developing strategies and deploying them within a workable business plan means executing initiatives and methods within the bounds of logic rather than guesswork.

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Social Media Marketing: Measuring Real Impact


In a recent CMS Wire article entitled ‘Social Media Marketing: Measuring Impact For Real’, author Chelsi Nakano sums up the importance of having real impact on ROI by using social media efforts to convert prospects into buyers through a single stat-heavy infographic that will really resonate with the way you consider adopting a social media strategy in the future.

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How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Selling online is not the same as selling in a brick and mortar location. When we set up shop in the real world we usually have an instant audience – they simply walk by our store and enter if they feel like it. To sell online, however, it takes the effort of driving traffic and attracting customers to our websites and landing pages.

There are many ways to attract traffic to our websites and most of these methods require a considerable cost and time investment. If you want your website to generate sales, one of the most effective ways to use internet marketing to meet this goal is done through the process of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

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