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Call for Entries for Fifth Annual Markie

Are you “Eloqua” experienced? Nominations are currently being collected for the 2011 Marketing Awards, better known as the Markies. The Markies celebrate and recognize excellent marketing – when right-brain creativity and left-brain analytics combine together for greatness. The winner in each category receives a beautiful statue to announce to the world what they’ve accomplished. This is your chance to shine and earn the recognition that you deserve.

In addition to the previous categories, the Markies now include the following 5 new categories:

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The 1-minute Guide for CMO’s

The pressure is greater than ever for CMO’s to produce results. The focus on revenue and profit has moved from marketing expertise to customer engagement. Furthermore, monitoring and measuring performances has become a central priority.

Doing more with less and delivering more has also put a strain on the way CMO’s allocate resources in order to build credibility for being able to do an effective job.

The CMO’s Dashboard

How does the dashboard link to these new priorities?

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The Importance of Focusing on the Right Marketing Metrics

The most sophisticated marketers focus on the metrics that matter most. Remember the good old 80/20 rule? Let’s spend some time discussing how to spend our marketing budgets wisely.

To start, the two most essential sources of data come from the sales funnel and marketing campaigns. The sales funnel is an important component because it allows us to improve performance by setting benchmarks and continuously testing our efforts. Sales funnel data continues to push the boundaries of successful campaign executions while at the same time eliminating campaigns that don’t work.  When we know what is happening within each step of the funnel (which leads are progressing and which aren’t showing any movement), we can better assess which nurturing campaigns will work to revive leads that need an extra push and nurture the ones that are moving towards the end of the sales cycle.

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The Key to Effective Marketing Campaigns: Data Hygiene and Segmentation

Data hygiene is a key factor in the marketing and sales process. The more precision we apply to profiling contacts and the more keen we are at keeping our database information-rich, the better we are able to extract data, segment leads and execute campaigns based on relevancy.  The process of communication with prospects and customers is dependent on the relevancy of the messages we send out. The more targeted we are at profiling our prospects the greater are the chances for engagement. It’s simple; when we use messages that pertain to a prospect’s level of interest, they are in turn more open to communicate with us.

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Re-Engagement Campaigns: Revive “Inactive” Leads

Re-engagement campaigns are the marketing activities that give a database that extra boost. Some leads are hot and others need a bit more work. Contacts in your list that haven’t shown any activity may be “inactive”, but “inactive” leads are not necessarily dead. The leads that haven’t been responsive to your marketing campaigns can still progress down the sales funnel – they just need a little extra love.

Re-engagement campaigns work to resuscitate “inactive” leads using lead nurturing campaigns that attempt to trigger a response from inactive contacts. It never hurts to test out old lists with new campaigns since one of the biggest reasons for inactivity is wrong timing in campaign execution. Your initial messages may have been relevant and valuable, but your timing was off.  Timing is everything in customer engagement and it all depends on which stage of the sales cycle each lead is in: some leads may be further along in the funnel while others are in the beginning stages just doing research or looking to buy at a later time.

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