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Exploring the Marketing Technology Landscape – Part Four

Carrying on in our discussion of integration in marketing technology, let’s look again at Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” graphic. In exploring the subject headings used, the sizes of various categories and the companies in each category, we can tease out a few interesting correlations, but we also raise some interesting questions. Continue reading →

Exploring The Marketing Technology Landscape – Part One

Part One: Marketing Experiences and Customer Experience Management

Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic is a revealing, albeit overwhelming look at the martec industry of today. Brinker does simplify things a bit by organizing the nearly one thousand marketing technology companies into several subsections, structured within six broad categories; you will find it is his choice of where to draw the borders that is most revealing. Continue reading →

What Does Marketing Automation Mean to You?


We’ve outlined some key words that come to mind when we think about marketing automation.

What does marketing automation mean to you?

If you currently use marketing automation, what impact does it have on your e-mail and cross-channel marketing efforts?

Send us your thoughts.

We’d love to hear from you!

10 Alarming Stats that Should Get You on the Lead Nurturing Band Wagon


Lead nurturing is a process of developing a relationship with prospects by providing them with valuable information to help them make informed purchasing decisions.  This process allows marketers to send a series of emails to early-stage leads in order to pre-qualify them before forwarding them to sales.  The lead nurturing process is a conversational, “soft-sell,” inbound marketing approach.

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Best Practices for Operational Efficiency


Efficiency is what Best-in-Class performers treasure most. By streamlining and automating your organizational processes you can increase operational efficiency and work within a set of defined goals to solve your most difficult challenges.

Operational Excellence can be achieved with:

Performance Measurement Reporting. Implementing best practices for employees to learn how to stop wasting time by transitioning their process from inadequate technological use to automated processes can give them more time to focus on strategic initiatives and measure the results of these developments.

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