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Four Benefits of System Deployment


1. Transforms Your Entire Business

It is important to understand that a systems deployment will change the entire face of your organization. All your business processes, all your data standards, and key performance indicators are going to take new effect – this is exactly what you want to accomplish. With the right system deployment you can leverage the power of new standards in every nook and cranny of your organizational process.

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Client Perceptive Software maximizes power of marketing automation to navigate complex purchase process [Case Study]


C&A is proud to release a new case study detailing the successful implementation of Couch & Associates’ various automation solutions for Perceptive Software, a leading creator of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. C&A’s progressive profiling improves prospect response rate while A/B multivariate email testing and automated reporting allows client to meet and exceed campaign goals using benchmarking via data.

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Three Benefits of Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

The ability to make the best decisions, like whether or not to continue with certain efforts, terminate them, or move forward with more successful ones is depended on our aggregation of all key sales and marketing metrics. The ability to measure all of our exertions to a fraction of a penny is a key component of yielding revenue growth and impacting ROI.

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Preparing Marketers with Better Skills in a Digital World

The digital landscape is ever-changing making it continuously hard for marketers to keep up. According to Forrester Research, 64% of CMOs either have no process or operate within an informal process in managing marketing automation.

Marketers are becoming less and less equipped to handle more complex digital marketing operations leaving organizations asking: What is the level of experience our teams have with digital marketing, and specifically, what is the level of experience they have with marketing automation?

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The 1-minute Guide for CMO’s

The pressure is greater than ever for CMO’s to produce results. The focus on revenue and profit has moved from marketing expertise to customer engagement. Furthermore, monitoring and measuring performances has become a central priority.

Doing more with less and delivering more has also put a strain on the way CMO’s allocate resources in order to build credibility for being able to do an effective job.

The CMO’s Dashboard

How does the dashboard link to these new priorities?

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