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Bypassing the Dreaded Spam Filters

The biggest challenges to email deliverability are overcoming spam filters. Furthermore, to our luck, there are actually several levels of these!

For instance, if a recipient is using Microsoft Outlook or other local email software, it is he or she who ultimately determines their personal spam filter options. This, in fact, is not a difficult challenge to overcome because email users are not experts and don’t necessarily know how to employ high-level spam filters. This makes the job of some marketers easier when they are able to easily bypass barriers to an inbox.

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The Fundamentals of Call to Action: Key Findings and Suggestions

Throughout the years marketers have been continuously performing A/B split testing on various marketing initiatives, while the essential call to action (CTA) component has been one of the most tested among them.

A CTA button is presented at the exact moment a prospect decides whether or not to take action to further engage with a company. Whether the next step is to read content asset, register for a webinar or be redirected to a landing page, a CTA is the link that pushes prospects forward through the various stages of the buying cycle.

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Email Deliverability

Ever wondered if your email reaches your recipients?

Imagine spending hours or even days designing your next marketing email.  You have refined your database to target the right prospects and are still left wondering if you could have done more to make it successful.  The number of emails you send out may not equal the number of emails that arrive at their intended destination. You will be glad to hear that you might be using marketing tools which allow you to test email deliverability before you send out the email.

Marketers using Eloqua can enjoy the ease of deliverability testing which will check the email for general deliverability, inbox preview and spam content check.

Eloqua reports summary:

1. Shows you the deliverability performance of your email when sent to a wide variety of test email accounts that are hosted by different email service providers/domains (both business and consumer).

2. Regions covered in this test are: North America, Europe, APAC & Latin America.

3. Shows you how your email will look in a number of different email clients and also lets you know how the content has performed when passed through several popular spam filters.

Eloqua allows a limited number of tests per month (determined by Account Manager) and additional tests can be purchased each month.

As a best practice we at Couch & Associates encourage our Clients to make use of those email tests within Eloqua and especially if you are sending to a large number of contacts in your database. 

It may not be necessary to test each and every email; for example if you are working on a new email template for monthly newsletters or product updates you may only want to test the original.