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Three Creative Strategy Components


1. Website Effectiveness and Optimization

How well your website is able to communicate with its audience determines how responsive they become to your brand. In other words, how inclined is your audience to pursue a dialogue with you?

Websites are more often than not the first point of contact between prospect and company, and making a good first impression using valuable content and industry knowledge is determined by the creative element that incorporates brand positioning via the fundamental understanding of your audience. What keywords do they use to search for your particular product and brand? Answering this question takes creative zeal – the more effective you are at positioning your website in the right places corresponds to your ability to reach perfect consumers.

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Adaptive Design – Fit for the Future


As the landscape of devices and device form factors continues to grow, designing and developing adaptive layouts that respond to all possible variations will prove indispensable. This allows for the development and maintenance of one master site, saving the time, cost and effort of designing and maintaining numerous independent sites.

Our in-house creative agency has developed a demo of Adaptive Design in HTML5 that degrades flawlessly for full support across older browsers. This demo has been built for delivery across large cinema displays and televisions, laptop and computers, tablet and mobile devices.

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Eloqua Introduces “The Blog Tree: UK Edition” [Infographic]


Our friends at Eloqua published its third installment of The Blog Tree series called The Blog Tree: UK Edition. The latest inforgraphic centers on bloggers in the UK, allowing you to discover new bloggers in your profession. It’s comprised of 67 blogs across seven categories; marketing, PR, social media, design, search engine optimization, start-ups and technology.

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ValentineMe.Com by C&A


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Couch & Associates recently created a fun site for this year’s Valentine that gives you the ‘inside scoop’ on how your friends and co-workers feel about you romantically – Simply create a Valentine request and send it to all your potential Valentines, and they will then personalize a message back in response. Our ‘Love Engine’ will decode, and prioritize the replies and tell you who is your ‘best bet’ for Valentine this year.

Now have a little fun and find out who may be your special Valentine today.

5 Essential Call to Action Components


1. Easy Navigation

Depending on the content assets you are using, the step between the current asset your prospect is reading and the one you’d like them to move onto should be linked by an easy call to action (CTA). Many prospects are ‘skim readers’ and need to feel that your navigational process is a breeze. Either you provide valuable information by understanding the prospect’s needs and respect his or her time by creating easy navigation or they will move on to your competitors who actually achieve this.

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