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Exploring the Marketing Technology Landscape – Part 3

Autopilot and Marketing Automation

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, we asserted the importance of simplifying all that customer data into an integrated system. We also asserted the importance of visualizing it in a user-specific way where we can see all the relevant info on each user in one place, in real time. Besides the obvious implication of a need for simplicity, this also says something about how much time we want to spend on things. Continue reading →

Exploring the Marketing Technology Landscape – Part Two

Part 2: Dashboards for your Dashboards!

Scott Brinker’s latest “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic has organized nearly a thousand companies into six categories and various subheadings in an effort to make this landscape a little easier to navigate. Let’s take a moment to look at the headings for the 42 subcategories; you’re sure to notice a few common factors. Continue reading →

Exploring The Marketing Technology Landscape – Part One

Part One: Marketing Experiences and Customer Experience Management

Scott Brinker’s “Marketing Technology Landscape” infographic is a revealing, albeit overwhelming look at the martec industry of today. Brinker does simplify things a bit by organizing the nearly one thousand marketing technology companies into several subsections, structured within six broad categories; you will find it is his choice of where to draw the borders that is most revealing. Continue reading →

Brand Loyalty and Communication [Infographic]

Your customers should be the most important thing in your business plan. You want to have satisfying and mutually-beneficial relationships that last over the years, and have loyal customers that inadvertently take on the role of brand ambassadors. But this doesn’t come easy, and it involves a lot of one key thing: communication.

In order to even begin to have successful relationships with your customers you need to know how to reach them. Whether they’re brand new or they’ve been buying from your company for years, the relationships still requires attention and proper care. The statistics surrounding marketing successes and failures may surprise you – it’s becoming increasingly more obvious that if you don’t connect with your customers in the right way, you will lose them. When you lose your customers, your sales drop and your costs increase.

Check out this infographic for a better idea of what kind of influence communication can have on your customer relationships.

Social Media Marketing: Measuring Real Impact


In a recent CMS Wire article entitled ‘Social Media Marketing: Measuring Impact For Real’, author Chelsi Nakano sums up the importance of having real impact on ROI by using social media efforts to convert prospects into buyers through a single stat-heavy infographic that will really resonate with the way you consider adopting a social media strategy in the future.

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