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Five Important Key Performance Indicators for Chief Marketing Officers


Lead Scoring

One of the most essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketers is the generation of high-quality leads. High-quality leads are leads that are sales-ready as a result of passing through various lead nurturing campaigns in order to get to the sales-ready point. Lead scoring is used by marketers to designate the stage of a lead in the sales cycle. There are 5 categories within the sales cycle:

1. Inquiries
2. Marketing Qualified Leads
3. Sales Accepted Leads
4. Sales Qualified Leads, and;
5. Won Business.

Moving down these categories into the closing stages of the sales cycle means a lead is gaining a higher score and becomes more sales-ready.

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5 Ways Your Marketing Performance might be getting in the way of your Revenue Growth


The challenge that many companies face in terms of their marketing performance is that their marketing processes aren’t always operating at the most effective and efficient levels. Conversely, companies that spend their time focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) are able to make the kind of adjustments that tremendously boost conversion rates.

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Finding the Right KPIs in the Sales Funnel


Marketing automation has become a key factor in differentiating what marketing was capable of accomplishing once upon a time compared to what marketing is capable of today, and this is essentially the ability to track ROI more effectively and more efficiently than ever.

By zeroing-in on key areas in our marketing efforts, we are able to improve marketing performance, drive more prospects into the sales funnel, and produce higher quality leads. The challenge, however, is to determine which marketing activities we should be employing and which activities we should reduce or eliminate all together.

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