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Robot Sales Teams (And Why They Won’t Work)

"Mini" Vending Machine

Technology has enabled so much innovation and growth for Marketing and Sales so quickly that it’s easy to lose sight of the people behind the technology. These technologies are often discussed in a way that conjures up images of robot salespeople and giant vending machines that work independently of human interaction. Much of the technology is focused on creating a more individual experience for each person; various tools track and measure how people interact with brands; and people build and use and improve that technology. The human role in the technology suite is obvious but still often goes overlooked.

Technology designed to align Marketing and Sales does not automatically result in better alignment. A new campaign management tool does not immediately result in more successful campaigns. Having the best CRM and lead management suite will not guarantee better customer satisfaction. There must be people at the helms of these tools who are equipped to get the most out of them. The human element is a foundation for successful technology use because it is people who use the technology and they use it to interact with other people. At a fundamental level, the success of technology is still based on people.

Marketing and Sales can see better alignment by integrating lead management technologies; campaigns are much more successful when every element is controlled and optimized; and customers benefit from better data management and communication between departments. Technology can make everyone (at least somewhat) more successful and productive, but the tools are only valuable if people know how to use them. And this doesn’t mean the bare minimum; people should really be experts in every tool they use.

Every single person who is or will be using any piece of technology should understand what it does, why it’s being used, how it will help, and who to go to for help or further training. Training should take place in a low-risk environment where people can find out for themselves what a piece of technology can and can’t do, and they should be rewarded for their discoveries. They should be given opportunities to push the limits of the tools. If a new tool is introduced, users should be given time to get comfortable with the tool and encouraged to explore the full reaches of its capabilities. That’s when technology improves: the field testing. And many times, that’s where the real insights are uncovered.

If people are using a tool every day, they will have ideas on how it might improve. If they have the skills and the knowledge to experiment with the tool, there is a chance to capitalize on that improvement. If people only understand the bare minimum, that chance is never realized. When everyone is well trained and empowered to experiment, technology can drastically improve performance and productivity, but the key element is the people! We’re not at the stage of intelligent, responsive networks of robot vending machines…yet.

Eloqua Experience Europe 2012 [May 16-17]


The 3rd annual Eloqua Experience Europe kicks off today in London. Hundreds of attendees at the event will experience two days of networking, hands-on training with Eloqua experts and keynote speakers sharing insights and best practices to help you boost sales and revenue performance.  With three track sessions – Imagine It, See it, Do It, every attendee will have the opportunity to customize their own time at the conference to best suit their current needs and level of experience.

We look forward to seeing you at Eloqua Experience Europe 2012!

Can’t attend? Follow on Twitter with the #EE12EU hashtag.

Empower Sales with CRM


There is nothing quite as fundamental to the success of business as a good understanding of clients and their needs. This is especially true when engaging in customer acquisition: everything from lead nurturing campaigns to engaging with customer on social media sites can empower companies to reach wider audiences and perfect customers.

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The Importance of Enabling Sales


Sales enablement is the process of helping sales sell more by providing the team with information like consumer demographics and insights into buying motivation along with various other KPIs that provide data on consumer behavior. When sales has this data, they can better build trusting relationships and maintain top-of-mind awareness with consumers, and sell more effectively after appropriate nurturing programs have been applied before leads reach the sales-ready stage.

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Effective Sales Strategy: Are you keeping your eyes open to the role that Marketing Plays in Closing More Business?



As sales reps. are focused on meeting revenue goals, how do we better influence the resources that are available to us in order to close more business? Yes, marketing is already working to produce leads for us, but how do we tighten the process of being happy about sales-ready leads and improving closing rates by better understanding what role marketing can play in order to help?

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