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Salesforce Chatter adds Instant Messaging and Screensharing


Salesforce has revealed real-time communication for the social enterprise with Chatter Messenger and Chatter Screensharing. Chatter Messenger will help increase the productivity and efficiency of businesses by enabling companies to have in-context conversations on one trusted platform. When words aren’t enough, Chatter Screensharing enables employees to share screens and presentations instantly with their colleagues from a chat session. Peter Coffee of Salesforce explains “Messenger and Screensharing offer even more opportunity to work, full time, ‘in the app’ – in a way that reduces delays, engages opportunities, and makes much better use of everything that an organization knows and that its people know how to do.”

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Empower Sales with CRM


There is nothing quite as fundamental to the success of business as a good understanding of clients and their needs. This is especially true when engaging in customer acquisition: everything from lead nurturing campaigns to engaging with customer on social media sites can empower companies to reach wider audiences and perfect customers.

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Four Benefits of System Deployment


1. Transforms Your Entire Business

It is important to understand that a systems deployment will change the entire face of your organization. All your business processes, all your data standards, and key performance indicators are going to take new effect – this is exactly what you want to accomplish. With the right system deployment you can leverage the power of new standards in every nook and cranny of your organizational process.

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Sales Lead Management


Beyond lead management that takes place at the marketing level, Best-in-Class performing companies demonstrate time and time again that sales must take on the role of managing leads through a comprehensive business model too, and this is accompanied by an effective lead management solution – or a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

When a lead becomes sales-ready, it is the job of the sales department to continue engaging with the potential buyer. After all, the conversion doesn’t stop with marketing-related activities like email campaigns and dialogues that occur using dynamic content pieces and prospect-triggered messages. Sales has to make sure that engagement continues all the way to the point in which the potential buyer becomes a secured sale.

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Change Management in Action: Client Overview


The ability to take an existing company, and completely rearrange the sum of its parts to recreate a whole new level of strategic focus and execution is a beautiful thing.

Imagine having an organization that has been in operation for 10, 20, 30 years, and implementing an entirely new business process to both its human and business dimensions in less than a month – not a small feat! It isn’t, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen every day.

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