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What is Ghostery?


With more and more websites integrating surveillance and tracking technologies into their structure, the only way to know what information of yours is being tracked is by looking through the source code.  These tracking scripts can be buried, cryptic, and easily missed.  Every day new ways are created and old methods are tweaked to try to find out all they can about you- the Internet consumer.  Are you curious about who is tracking what you encounter while browsing the web?

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Five Important Key Performance Indicators for Chief Marketing Officers


Lead Scoring

One of the most essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketers is the generation of high-quality leads. High-quality leads are leads that are sales-ready as a result of passing through various lead nurturing campaigns in order to get to the sales-ready point. Lead scoring is used by marketers to designate the stage of a lead in the sales cycle. There are 5 categories within the sales cycle:

1. Inquiries
2. Marketing Qualified Leads
3. Sales Accepted Leads
4. Sales Qualified Leads, and;
5. Won Business.

Moving down these categories into the closing stages of the sales cycle means a lead is gaining a higher score and becomes more sales-ready.

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Eloqua Experience Europe 2012 [May 16-17]


The 3rd annual Eloqua Experience Europe kicks off today in London. Hundreds of attendees at the event will experience two days of networking, hands-on training with Eloqua experts and keynote speakers sharing insights and best practices to help you boost sales and revenue performance.  With three track sessions – Imagine It, See it, Do It, every attendee will have the opportunity to customize their own time at the conference to best suit their current needs and level of experience.

We look forward to seeing you at Eloqua Experience Europe 2012!

Can’t attend? Follow on Twitter with the #EE12EU hashtag.

Strategic Planning and Deployment


A roadmap that leads to desired results is the primary source of competitive advantage. Driving organizational success with a strategic plan by acquiring essential data and methods ensures that an organization obtains higher standards in execution to get high quality end products.

Successfully implementing a strategic plan of action results in:

Moving from ideas to Guidelines. Developing strategies and deploying them within a workable business plan means executing initiatives and methods within the bounds of logic rather than guesswork.

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Boost your Demand Generation Efforts


The lifeline of your business is dependent on your ability to acquire new customers. Demand generation is the marketing and sales process when coupled with the right technology and expertise can yield significant results. For example, businesses can make valuable connections to generate revenue and impact ROI with email marketing campaigns, relevant drip marketing campaigns, engagement using social channels, optimized landing pages, site analytics, digital body language tracking, and more. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 87% of companies who used best practices in demand generation improved annual growth in customer acquisition revenue while average performance increase was 23%.

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