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Three Creative Strategy Components


1. Website Effectiveness and Optimization

How well your website is able to communicate with its audience determines how responsive they become to your brand. In other words, how inclined is your audience to pursue a dialogue with you?

Websites are more often than not the first point of contact between prospect and company, and making a good first impression using valuable content and industry knowledge is determined by the creative element that incorporates brand positioning via the fundamental understanding of your audience. What keywords do they use to search for your particular product and brand? Answering this question takes creative zeal – the more effective you are at positioning your website in the right places corresponds to your ability to reach perfect consumers.

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Adaptive Design – Fit for the Future


As the landscape of devices and device form factors continues to grow, designing and developing adaptive layouts that respond to all possible variations will prove indispensable. This allows for the development and maintenance of one master site, saving the time, cost and effort of designing and maintaining numerous independent sites.

Our in-house creative agency has developed a demo of Adaptive Design in HTML5 that degrades flawlessly for full support across older browsers. This demo has been built for delivery across large cinema displays and televisions, laptop and computers, tablet and mobile devices.

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Targeting Mobile Users with Effective Usability Design


The growing customer base in the mobile market is continuing to pressure marketers to improve their mobile experiences by allowing users to access information using more effective mobile interfaces.

Mobile users have become accustomed to using their mobile phones to accomplish simple and increasingly more complex tasks and are looking for even more efficient ways of doing so. This means that companies that want to stay ahead-of-the-curve in the mobile environment have to build increasingly more “intuitive” mobile interfaces in order to achieve the right response and action from a growing consumer base that uses Blackberries, iPhones and Androids to navigate through applications, web sites and other information portals on the web.

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Official Blog Launch: Design Trending by C&A


Couch & Associates is proud to present the official launch of Design Trending, a blog from our in-house team of creative experts, dedicated to design as it applies to the fields of art, web design, advertising and marketing.

Design Trending will feature the latest news, topics and innovations in the field of design as they pertain to the most up-to-date concepts in branding and advertising. Visitors will have access to various tutorials and resources applying the latest and most forward-thinking trends and innovations as produced by C&A’s creative team led by Creative Director, Daniel Hight, at C&A’s Toronto headquarters.

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Rebranding: 3 Tips on Where to Start


1. Website

 Your website is the most important tool for getting audiences immediately connected with your company. Consumers who have heard of your company name, or have conducted a keyword search end up on your website (once it is effectively marketed). A website should be the face of your company. It includes key informational pieces to answer pressing consumer questions. All information on a website, from web pages, to white papers, webinars and others are featured to ensure once prospects get there, they don’t want to leave. When rebranding your website, images and content must be aligned to a company’s unique selling proposition (USP).

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